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A number of innovative initiatives have been launched in Hebei to encourage innovation in pharmaceutical and medical devices.
2018-08-31 17:56:53

This afternoon, the Information Office of the Hebei provincial government held a press conference to interpret the views.

The opinions are divided into seven parts: reforming the management of clinical trials, speeding up the examination and approval of listing, promoting the innovation of medical devices and the development of generic drugs, strengthening the life cycle management of medical devices, enhancing the technical support ability of examination and approval, strengthening the cooperation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei medical undertakings, and strengthening the organization and implementation. The refinement of the opinions extends the principles and requirements of the central document. Combining with the actual situation of Hebei Province and fully drawing on the mature practices of advanced provinces, a series of innovative measures are put forward.

Attach importance to the implementation of the license holder system. Hebei is one of the ten pilot provinces (cities) of the drug licensing system. With the help of the system pilot Dongfeng, the pilot area will be expanded from drugs to second-class medical devices, actively explore new concepts of drug supervision, build a "supply and demand" information platform, solve the existing problems of information asymmetry between document holders and contract processing trustees, and make full use of idle capacity.

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