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To create wisdom for China, Neusoft medical opens a new era of medical equipment localization.
2018-03-22 17:25:59

As the leader of large-scale and high-end medical equipment in China, Dongsoft Medical Company has been insisting on independent research and innovation for 20 years. It has broken the monopoly through innovation and intelligence. Now Dongsoft Medical Company has become the backbone in the process of localization of medical equipment. With the introduction of a series of national policies, such as Healthy China, Graded Diagnosis and Treatment, Dongsoft Medical Corporation has been the backbone of the process of localization of medical equipment. Soft medical treatment has opened a new era of localization of medical equipment.

Successful declaration of high-end medical equipment demonstration project

Medical equipment configuration and clinical application, involving the health and life of the vast number of patients, is a serious, rigorous and costly subject. In the early years of reform and opening up, China's high-end medical equipment mainly relied on imports, which became one of the main reasons for the high cost of medical treatment. Second-hand imported medical equipment occupied the Chinese market. Twenty years ago, Dongsoft Medical independently developed China's first CT, breaking the import monopoly, and subsequently the price of imported medical equipment dropped.

East soft medical engineers continue to innovate and develop new technologies, the national medical equipment industry has accelerated the pace of development, domestic medical equipment enterprises continue to break through the bottlenecks of technology, quality and variety.

Neusoft Medical Industrial Park "settled" in Liaoning Shenyang Free Trade Area

In 2015, the two ministries and commissions supported the application demonstration of high-end medical equipment in domestic medical institutions, promoted the cooperation between high-end medical equipment manufacturers and medical institutions to build "high-end medical equipment application demonstration base", organized and implemented the clinical verification and assessment of high-end medical equipment in terms of function, performance, reliability and effectiveness, and formed a "pair" Compared with the application - feedback improvement - level promotion - radiation promotion "virtuous cycle, promote the transformation and upgrading of high-end medical equipment in China.

Dongsoft Medical and Anhui Provincial Hospital Group - Anhui Cancer Hospital, Shenyang Military Region General Hospital, Hunan Provincial People's Hospital jointly declared the "high-end medical equipment application demonstration project", which was successfully approved. During the implementation of the project, scientific research has accumulated. By the deadline, more than 11,000 valid samples were collected, covering the application of CT in various fields of human body. Among them, cardiovascular angiography and other high-end examinations accounted for more than 20%.

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